Who we are

The Midnights Motown, Funk, Pop, Rhythm and Blues Band is one of Canada's hottest, most distinctive, and exceptional show bands. Known for their high stepping energizing performances, the band delivers the music in the style of all the great Pop, Motown and R&B artists. The Midnights are a treat to watch and are perfect for any and all occasions ranging from corporate events to festivals to weddings and dances.

The Midnights are a dynamic 12 piece choreographed band with an energizing rhythm section, sizzling horn section, and fronted by 5 exquisite male and female vocalists. Covering decades of music from the '50s to the present, the high energy Midnights provide just the right combination of style and substance to bring any party to life.

This is a wonderful experience you just won't want to miss, The Midnights are dazzling!


The Midnights were founded by drummer/music teacher Eric Emde in 1992. In that year Eric began to develop the concept of a Rhythm and Blues Band Career Preparation program to be included in, and run along side, other music programs in the Victoria High School music curriculum. The purpose of the program was to offer an alternative performance ensemble to compliment the stage band which is the norm in most music education programs today.

As music director for the school, Eric wanted to create a course that would fit with the British Columbia Education Ministry's mandate of programs designed for job readiness. In keeping with shifts in the music industry he understood that this repertoire would be more in keeping with current trends in the workplace.

As the Vic High R&B program developed and interest from students mushroomed, Eric decided to create a professional version of the group. Using the same repertoire, Eric sought out professional players that were agreeable to the idea of including present and former Vic High students in the Midnights in a mentoring capacity. The mandate of The Midnights is to provide an opportunity to integrate and educate talented young performers into the professional world of music.

Interest in The Midnights has spread exponentially in the Victoria and world community. The group has found itself being in high demand at major festivals, dances, corporate, community and world events (Denmark and Iceland to name a few).

"I had never expected The Midnights and Vic High programs to be as popular as they are. The music is fun to listen to, dance to and watch because of the show aspect of both groups. People just love it," says Eric when asked about the success of the groups. "It's an idea who's time has come and it's wonderful to watch it's success as a part of music education."


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